Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Days 25-27, May 25-27, 2016 Wednesday - Friday Buckinghorse River Wayside Prov. Park, BC – Muncho Provincial Park, BC

Caribou right in front of our RV
“My biggest worry is that my wife (when I’m dead) will try to sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it…”  Koos Brandt

The Wilds of British Columbia
Not always paved!
Leaving Buckinghorse we continued north on Hwy 97 through Prophet River until we arrived at Fort Nelson, British Columbia.  On the Alaska Highway, mile markers (Mile Posts) are the main designation for sights of interest.  Due to modifications on the highway, sections have been shortened over the years so these designations may no longer be accurate.  This being the case, distance can be noted as “Mile Post,” “Historical Mile Post” (original distance) or in today’s metric age “Kilometer Post” in travel brochures.  Milepost, one of the “must have” Alaska Travel Planners uses all three at one time or another.  Fort Nelson, once a timber town, now focuses on petroleum resources as well as tourism.  It was here that I purchased my British Columbia fishing license…like lottery tickets, some are lucky and some are a bust…mine was a bust.  Seems that the grayling, 20-pound lake trout or the huge Northern Pike were all on holiday as I received nary a nibble.  Maybe the Yukon Territories will be my “lucky number.”  Can’t be a skill thing…can it?

Anyone for a walk?
Milepost, rather unfairly, notes that Fort Nelson has the highest fuel prices along the Alaska Highway.  Not so!  We paid $5.10 (US)/gal, at Northern Rockies Lodge in Muncho Provincial Park, BC.  While high, fuel in Fort Nelson was $3.75 (US), reasonable considering its remoteness.  This cost was easily offset by the community hosting a rest stop for travelers that offers free water fill-ups and free dump stations for RVers.  They really cater to the traveler and the residents were friendly and helpful.  Speaking with several residents, we found a deep love of community, the North, and the lives they lead.  While chuckling about the winters, not one we spoke to seemed to have any interest in relocating south…” vacationing YES, living “NO!”

Bison on the Road
From Fort Nelson it was on to Muncho Lake in Muncho Provincial Park in British Columbia. Muncho Lake was so beautiful that we decided to set up camp for three nights at Strawberry Flats Campground.  On a sunny day (none to be had while we were there) the lake takes on a vivid almost unreal blue that is said to be enhanced by copper oxide leached from the surrounding mountains.  It is suspended in the water, albeit, at very low levels.  This area, while not only beautiful, abounds with wildlife.  Stone Sheep, Moose, Caribou, a myriad of predators and the ever present bear (both black and grizzly) that gives one pause while hiking.  I hiked once by myself…didn’t feel comfortable at all but took a later and longer hike with a couple from San Diego (Gerry and Karen Brewster) and that was a lot of fun.  We hiked a portion of the “old Alcan Highway” and had a great view of Muncho Lake.  Rained most of the time we camped but we were snuggly warm in our RV…sorry to say that due to the rain our solar panel didn’t operate optimally so we had to use our generator more than we liked.  It’s been a great trip so far.  We have seen a LOT OF BEAR from the car but have not made our acquaintance on the trail so far…let’s keep it that way.

And what a road it is...from this...

...to this!


  1. Did you bring bear spray? Or a .45?

  2. Are you singing at the top of your lungs while hiking like we used to do? It will be sure to keep those bears away. Sure looks beautiful!